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Reign of Angels Revelation FREE PREVIEW.

My world was on fire and only he could save me.   

When the world erupts in chaos, and Tristan’s magic act turns out to be more than just an illusion, my entire life changes. Suddenly, I’m catapulted into a world where angels walk among us, and Tristan is one of them.

Some are out to destroy us.
Some will protect us.
The real question is, which side is Tristan on?

LASH Broken Angel LG Castillo.jpg

An angel's rules were simple: obey the Archangels, don't show yourself to humans, and never fall in love with one. 


Lash broke them all. 

He’s a reckless cowboy.

She’s a heartbroken ballerina.

Is their love strong enough to break free from a painful past?

Jack McAllister never thought he'd fall in love with a ballerina. She’s a wondrous dream who dances into his life, gently prying open his wounded heart. But with endless debts mounting and the threat of foreclosure on his family’s ranch, he lives a life the wealthy beauty could never understand.

A broken promise.
An unbreakable love.

Cody Wilde made a promise to his dying father—stay away from trouble. With the help of his friend, Cassie Strong, he managed to control the notorious Wilde temper. But when their friendship blossoms into something more, Cody’s lifelong enemy threatens the one thing that could make him break his promise. Will he risk losing Cassie or will he be strong enough to hold on to his father’s last wish?

"I was falling. Falling into love. Falling into him. Falling into his gravity." 

A teacher student romance that will leave you breathless. Not even time could keep them apart.

A teacher-student affair is the last thing on Nicole Ashford's mind, but her sexy professor's hypnotic blue eyes follow her every move and she can’t shake the feeling that she knows him. He keeps his distance, until one night when he drives her home, and she’s suddenly hurtled to a place she never thought possible—1984.

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